Available for:

Birthday Celebrations
Corporate Functions
Family & Class Reunions
Wedding Receptions
Rehearsal Dinners
Fund Raisers

Upcoming Events:
The food and drink for your  event will consume a
significant portion of the budget. Because the food is
such an important component, you’ll want to work with a
top-notch professional caterer.  

Does the caterer specialize in certain types of food or service? Find a caterer
who can make a memorable meal. At Top Flight BBQ, we prepare delicious meats in
the old fashioned southern tradition. We use only the highest quality meats and smoke
them to “fall off the bone” perfection. Using the freshest produce that is locally
sourced, we provide appetizers and side dishes that enhance the experience.

Can the caterer arrange for a tasting of the specific foods you're interested in
prior to hiring?
Schedule a tasting if you get a good vibe. We offer tastings free of
charge for up to six individuals. Our goal is to win over our potential clients with a
quality tasting, while allowing everyone who has a voice in the process the opportunity
to make suggestions and provide feedback.

What is the caterer's average price range?  We have a variety of meal packages
ranging from $10 per person to $23 per person.  
Are costs itemized depending on
the foods you choose, or is there an all-inclusive flat rate?
Top Flight BBQ has
chosen to price via an all-inclusive flat rate.  This price includes the food, drinks, buffet
line servers, high quality plastic plates, utensils, napkins and cups.  It does not include
a gratuity. We endeavor to provide the best service possible prior to and on the day of
the event and leave the decision to give a tip up to the client.  

How involved is the caterer in a typical event? Steve or Michele Wilson will serve
as your banquet manager. We will ask that the event coordinator provide a timeline for
event. Michele will help with all aspects related to the meal.   We can discuss what your
needs may be!  

Will the caterer provide tables, chairs, plates, table linens, silverware, and
they arrange for the rentals?
While Top Flight BBQ does not have an inventory of
tables, chairs, non-disposable plates and glasses, etc. we can certainly make the
arrangements for you!  

Who is the main contact? Will the same person you work with when planning
also oversee meal service on the day of the event?
Steve &  Michele Wilson will
be your main contact during the planning process and will ensure that every detail
discussed will be executed fully.

Does the caterer handle all table settings? Will they put out place cards or
goody bags?  
The Top Flight BBQ team sets the tables with plates, napkins and
utensils.  As a rule, we do not set place cards, favors and centerpieces or light
candles. However, we have a ‘can do’ attitude and will be happy to assist with these
requests. We just ask for enough lead time and specific instructions.

Will the caterer provide servers? We provide our own serving personnel. They are
buffet line servers. This is one way we keep our pricing structure affordable. The per-
person price includes the buffet line servers.
How many would they recommend for
the size of your event?
Top Flight BBQ recommends one server for every 25 to 30
guests.  What will the servers wear? We wear uniforms (collared shirts, black pants
and black shoes). We want your guests to easily identify who is there to assist them
with their needs.

Will the caterer be willing to include a recipe you provide, like a special family
dish, or an appetizer with some sort of sentimental significance?
While we are
extremely proud of our menu, we understand that certain dishes can add to your
event.  Michele has the experience to bring one of your own family recipes to life and is
more than willing to do so!  Top Flight BBQ is also experienced in preparing vegetarian
and gluten free options for your guests that may have special dietary needs.

Where will the food be prepared? Top Flight BBQ has our own mobile kitchen as
well as the use of a commercial kitchen. The meal preparation begins at our base and
the finishing touches are completed at your venue just prior to your meal being

Does the caterer work with fresh and locally sourced foods? Top Flight BBQ
uses fresh and sustainably farmed meats, produce and other foods.

What is your policy on cleanup? It is the standard practice for Top Flight BBQ to
clear dinner plates from the tables.  Once dinner service is completed, the Top Flight
BBQ team will tear down the buffet line and clean up the service area.  If our clients
choose to rent china and stainless steel utensils, a fee will be charged to hire
additional staff help to assist in the cleanup process.

Will the caterer stay until the conclusion of my event?   e will stay until the
dinner service and initial clean up is completed. We typically do not stay until the end
of the event. This is another way we keep our prices reasonable.  

Can you speak to previous clients? Since 2007, Top Flight BBQ has catered many
special events. We are happy to provide references.

What is the payment policy?  To reserve the date, we ask for a $250 deposit. Then,
14 days prior to your event, we ask for the final headcount and 50% of the balance.  
The remaining balance is due on or before the day of the event.  A gratuity is typically
given just prior to the Top Flight BBQ team departing.